During my visit to the U.S., I am giving presentations on the wildlife of Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, and the chimpanzees of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. My lecture is a photographic-video journey, and I also discuss sustainable community based conservation strategies. My talk is about an hour and a half, and I also offer shorter 30 minute presentation.


“The Earthforce team at Salesforce HQ was excited to have Chris come by this week, and present to our employees at one of our “Lunch & Learn” events. Earthforce is group of employee volunteer champions dedicated to promoting and celebrating environmental responsibility at Salesforce. Chris’s photo documentary about the conservation projects he’s involved with in several African countries was beautiful and eye-opening. The information, details, and stories he shared with us were both shocking, and hopeful. It was especially encouraging to see and hear how conservation of wild life is fundamentally connected to the well-being of the communities around it. We would love to host Chris again at Salesforce in the future.” Roland Meyer- Salesforce Senior ManagerWorld_Affairs_Me And Flags“Chris Austria recently gave a presentation on his conservation work for our members. His presentation was very informative and engaging. Not only did we learn about Chris’s work with the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, but our members also enjoyed all the pictures and personal stories Chris was able to share.” Mary Ann Hanley- World Affairs Council Program OfficerChris_rotary“Chris Austria’s presentation of The Wildlife of Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda, was beautiful and educational. Chris’ passion for conservation and knowledge of the subject matter comes through in an inspiring way. Photos and videos narrated by his own amazing journey into lush and wild places are truly worth seeing and hearing. Anyone interested in conservation, travel or knowledge would profoundly benefit from an evening with Chris Austria.”   Leanne Vinson, REI Fremont CA

“Chris is an ardent and passionate advocate for all of wildlife. He understands the connections between people, and nature. Chris strives tirelessly to promote a greater awareness of the main issues facing animal and human populations in African countries.  His knowledge of, and stories about Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary bring to life the reality of conservation on the ground in East Africa, and what is at stake. Chris’ dedication is inspiring, motivating and he conveys this in his public presentations.”  Suzanne York- Project Director, Transition EarthSierraClub_HamadryusBaboon“Chris is a terrific raconteur and photographer.  His presentations give an excellent view of life and culture in Africa, the work of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda, and the challenges of wildlife preservation. For an interesting evening of travel log and visual presentation, I strongly recommend Chris and his work.  His efforts are going a long way to preserve the rapidly disappearing wildlife population.”  Dr. Adam Duhan- Chairman of Population Connection SF Bay Sierra ClubSierraClub_Chimp_Threats“Chris’ presentation gave a great overview of the wildlife and wild places from his work and travels in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda. With the aid of his fantastic images and video footage, Chris had the right mix of background, history, and current events to familiarize people with the three countries, their conservation efforts, and challenges. This was very helpful to the majority of the audience members who were wildlife enthusiasts, but had never been to the region. We were introduced to conservationists in East Africa, and the amazing work being done by the dedicated staff at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary that is home to 48 chimpanzees rescued from illegal wildlife trade.  It was a very compelling and inspiring talk. Chris’s enthusiasm and passion for these places and the conservation of wildlife is infectious.”  Yemi Tessema- African Wildlife ConservationistWaldorf_School (1)“Chris Austria has a deep connection with animals and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of wildlife in East Africa.  He recently gave a highly informative and visually engaging presentation  on wildlife and the conservation efforts in Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda at our school.  His photography, videos and stories of the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary captivated the students and led to a thoughtful question and answer session. The students were deeply moved by Chris’ insights, his experience with wildlife, and his dedication to conservation efforts in Africa.”   – Mary Anne McGill, Librarian, San Francisco Waldorf High School

“I want to thank you for a stellar presentation today.  It was easy to tell from the questions and the feedback that I received after the meeting that everyone loved your presentation.  I have been Program Chair for our club for many years and have booked close to a thousand speakers during that time.  You are definitely in the top five of all those speakers.” Bob Canepa- Rotary Club Mill Valley Program ChairChrisAustria_Wildlife_Flyer_REI_Concord 2“Our Marin Rotary Club had the pleasure of hearing Chris Austria deliver a presentation on East Africa. It was by far, one of the BEST presentation of our entire series. He was well prepared, and his slide presentation was in sync with the content of his speech. Chris was given a 9.5 review out of 10.” Farhad Taleghani- Marin Rotary Club Event Chair

Safari_West_Presentation“Chris is a very good speaker, and passionate about what he does. Lot’s of great info on wildlife, national parks, history, and places to stay. On our speakers review form on a scale of 1 to 5, Chris received a unanimous 5 for  Presenter Quality and Presentation Content” REI Berkeley