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Kidepo National Park is one of Uganda’s national treasures, and my favourite place in the world. This stunning wilderness area is located in the Karamoja region of northeast Uganda. Filming the incredible wildlife here is truly an epic experience for me. I am so incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to be around these magnificent creatures. The conservation of the precious wildlife on this Earth is of utmost importance. The music for this video was composed by DJ Celeste Lear.

This is a video that I filmed for Evelyn Nassuna, founder of Shared Action Africa. Her organization supports innovative financial solutions for women and youth in the rural areas of Uganda. Visit Music: DJ Celeste Lear

Uganda is an incredibly gorgeous country. There is no doubt why it is called “The Pearl of Africa. The wildlife is astounding, and the National Parks are a fantastic travel destination. The Ugandan people are warm, welcoming, and the culture here is diverse and beautiful. I absolutely love the Pearl Of Africa.


Lion_Male_Kidepo_Cliffs.jpgMale lion in Kidepo Valley, northeast Uganda

Rotary_woman_cell_WMWoman in Rotary event- Sheraton Hotel, Kampala

Bwindi_Mukazi_HighlightsGorilla Conservation Coffee farm in Bwindi



Rotary_Woman_Headress_WM.jpgBeautiful Ugandan women


Rotary_Man_Blue_WM.jpgSheraton Hotel event in Kampala

Lion_Cub_Mom_Mound_WMLioness with her cub in Kidepo Valley National Park

Elephants_Murchison_Pasture_WMElephants in Murchison Falls National Park

Lion_No_Blue.jpgYoung female lioness in Kidepo Valley, northeast Uganda.

Karamajong_Bakazi_Dancers_WMThe Lorukul Cultural Group Karamojong dancers in Karamoja, northeast Uganda

Rotary_3_ladies_WM.jpgBeautiful Ugandan dresses


Wasenko_WomanWasenko Fishing Village in northwest Uganda

Gorilla_Baby_MomFemale gorilla with her infant in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gladys_GorillaTrek_NMDr. Gladys Kalema Zikusoka, founder of Conservation Through Public Health, and Uganda’s first wildlife veterinarian.

Colobus_Circle_Trees_WMColobus monkeys in western Uganda


Uganda has a vast array of beautiful reptiles. This is the deadly Gaboon Viper.

Warbler_Karmajong_Center_NMThe Abyssinian Roller is one of the most colourful birds here in Uganda

Hornbill_Dung_Beatle-2Abysinnian Hornbill at Murchison Falls National Park

Zebra_Edit_MburoZebra in Lake Mburo

Martial_Eagle_Kidepo_WMMartial Eagle in northwest Uganda

Lioness_Kidepo_Kill__2_WMI watch this lioness kill a duikur. She was lighting fast

Mongoose_Kidepo_WMThese baby mongooses were sunning themselves on the cliff in Kidepo Valley

Cobra_Viper_WMThis is the highly venomous forest cobra

Eagle_Kill_Murch_WMThis powerful raptor caught an antelope in Murchison Falls National Park


Giraffe_Uganda_MurchisonA giraffe at Murchison Falls National Park


Smiling_CapeBuffalo_Kazinga_Group-2Ugandan_Kob_2_Horns 2

Lake Rutoto is a stunning place in southwestern Uganda


  1. Mayanja thank you very much for the great work done to sell our country Uganda because your work is directly exposing Uganda every where across the world and as a Tour operator in Uganda I have a very great hope with your big audience, Uganda is going to have an increase in the number of tourists.


  2. Chris ,

    Really enjoyed looking at your photos. I am curious to know if I can purchase a high quality resolution of your Forest Cobra photo?

    saan Ansah


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