This is a video that I filmed for Evelyn Nassuna, founder of Shared Action Africa. Her organization supports innovative financial solutions for women and youth in the rural areas of Uganda. Visit Music: DJ Celeste Lear


Uganda is an incredibly beautiful country. There is no doubt why it is called “The Pearl of Africa.” I have visited Uganda a few times and plan on spending a lot more time here. The wildlife is astounding, and the National Parks are a fantastic travel destination.

Kidepo_Sun.jpgSunset in Kidepo National Park

Elephant_Kidepo.jpgElephant in Kidepo National Park

Kidpeo_BuffaloCape Buffalo in Kidepo National Park

Traditional Ugandan dance at the Ndere Centre in Kampala, Uganda

Kidepo_Views copy 2
The views of Kidepo National Park in northeast Uganda are astounding. This is a very remote place with incredible biodiversity, and beauty everywhere you look.


Chris_QE_NPQueen Elizabeth National Park

Giraffe_Uganda_MurchisonA giraffe at Murchison Falls National Park


Smiling_CapeBuffalo_Kazinga_Group-2Ugandan_Kob_2_Horns 2

Lake Rutoto is a stunning place in southwestern Uganda

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