Ethiopia is truly an an incredible country. I moved here a few years ago, and have visited so many  stunning places. The Ethiopian culture is beautiful, and so very unique. It was a memorable experience for me to take part in many of the festivals, including Meskel and Timqat. I am working in partnership with Yama Ethiopia Tours based in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia. We provide customized tour packages combined with the best service for our clients. Yama Ethiopia Tours is highly rated on trip advisor. Please contact me if you are interested in visiting this remarkable country.




Wenchi Crater Lake in the Ambo woreda of central Ethiopia





This is the park next to the National Theatre in Addis Abeba. They have a good selection of food, and Ethiopian beer on tap.


I had a great time meeting the kids in the mountains of Lalibela. They helped me with learning the Amharic language


A view from Awash Falls Lodge in eastern Ethiopia

Hamadryus_Baboon_AwashThe Hamadryas Baboons in Awash National Park

Harar_Tibs_HakimStout_AwazeDelicious tibs at the Harar Beer factory.


Ben Abeba Restaurant in Lalibela, northern Ethiopia

MtFentale_Ethiopia_LandscapeMt. Fentale in Awash National Park



Lalibela, the 8th Wonder of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I was trekked up to Asheton Maryam Monastery. and met the Ethiopian Orthodox priests here

Filwuha_HotSpringsThis is the Filwuha Hot Springs in Awash National Park- eastern EthiopiaChris_Simiens.jpgSimien Mountains- Ethiopia

Ethiopia_Harar_Goats_WMOne of the gates in Harar, eastern Ethiopia


Woman strolling in the streets of Harar- eastern Ethiopia


Ethiopian Orthodox Christian priest at a monastery in Lalibela.


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