Ethiopia is truly an an incredible country. I moved here a few years ago, and have visited so many  stunning places. The Ethiopian culture is beautiful, and so very unique. It was a memorable experience for me to take part in many of the festivals, including Meskel and Timqat.


Lalibela in northern Ethiopia. The 8th wonder of the world.

Ethiopia_House_Of_Holy_WMLalibela in northern Ethiopia

Ethiopia_Simien_Gelada_WMGelada Mountain Monkeys in Simien National Park, northern Ethiopia

Ethiopia_Kaat_Harar_WMThe kaat market in Dire Dawa


This is the park next to the National Theatre in Addis Abeba. They have a good selection of food, and Ethiopian beer on tap.


I had a great time meeting the kids in the mountains of Lalibela. They helped me with learning the Amharic language


A view from Awash Falls Lodge in eastern Ethiopia

Hamadryus_Baboon_AwashThe Hamadryas Baboons in Awash National Park

Harar_Tibs_HakimStout_AwazeDelicious tibs at the Harar Beer factory.


Ben Abeba Restaurant in Lalibela, northern Ethiopia

MtFentale_Ethiopia_LandscapeMt. Fentale in Awash National Park


Lalibela, the 8th Wonder of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I was trekked up to Asheton Maryam Monastery. and met the Ethiopian Orthodox priests here

Filwuha_HotSpringsThis is the Filwuha Hot Springs in Awash National Park- eastern EthiopiaChris_Simiens.jpgSimien Mountains- Ethiopia

Ethiopia_Harar_Goats_WMOne of the gates in Harar, eastern Ethiopia


Woman strolling in the streets of Harar- eastern Ethiopia


Ethiopian Orthodox Christian priest at a monastery in Lalibela.


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